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by: South Jersey Select Lacrosse

2016 Summer Team Parents NEEDED!

WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!

As we gear up for the start of our 2016 SJS Summer Tourney Season, we need to get our team parents into place! PLEASE review the list below and SIGN UP to help your daughter's team manage their fun summer season! 

Each year, we ask that two parents from each team volunteer to be team parents.  

This job can be as much or as little as the team parents would like to make it but usually involves coordinating snacks, tents, etc. for tournaments as well as team dinners when away.  A team list with email addresses will be made available to team parents to help with communication and we have many experienced team parents who would be willing to give advice to parents of younger players to help you get started.  

Please contact Suzanne Johnson at swj261@gmail.com to sign up as a team parent for YOUR player's team as soon as possible.  I'll take the first two responders from each team!

The first order of business is for each team to put together a basket for our annual SJS Adult Social/Beef & Beer Silent Auction Fundraiser for Lax For The Cure.  This event is A BLAST and the baskets are always amazing.  This year will be no exception!



Pink 17: Elaine Goralski

Black 17: 

Pink 18: Laura Field

Black 18: Nancy Ryan and Maureen Bretschneider

Pink 19: Stephanie Jobes, Kelly Dalmass

Black 19: Juli Lundberg

Pink 20:  Arlene O'Donnell and Jackie Kelty

Black 20:  (basket only - Terri Donovan), Bernadette Finnerty, Karen Colavita, Christina Labetti (lucky team!!!!!) 

Pink 21: Kim Hock and Jen Hanuscin

Black 21:

Pink 22: Lisa Buck and Dina McCabe

Black 22:

Pink 23: Kim Jackson, Erica Tilger

Little Dodgers: Tracey Bianco, Erin Mansukani



Black 19: 

Gray 19:

Gray 20:

Gray 24: Christine Kirmsse, Maria McCabe

by: South Jersey Select Lacrosse


Below is the practice schedule for this summer's SJS girls' summer teams 17-23:


May 1, 8, 15, 18, 22, 30

June 5, 15, 21

July 6th


Teams 20, 21, 22, 23 go from 4-6pm

                  ****EXCEPT on May 8th and May 15th, Pink 23 ONLY, will go 6-8pm

Teams 17, 18 and 19 go from 6-8pm


All teams practice at the Bridgeboro fields next to Moorestown High School (across from Flying Feather Farm)


Our newest addition to the program - our Little Dodgers (registration to be posted shortly -  we'll be taking the first 20 4th graders to respond!) - will have the following practice schedule:


May 16, 23 at the Moorestown Field House from 4-6pm

June 5, 15 and 21 at the Bridgeboro fields next to Moorestown HS


by: s j

SJS Communication Policy

The SJS communication policy is as follows:

All regular communication from us will be via our website, www.sjselectlax.com. It is your responsibility to check the website consistently prior to the season and on a daily basis as the season begins. All team announcements will be posted as soon as they become available including practice times and locations.

It is the policy of SJS to communicate with all of our families via the website to ensure the quickest, most reliable relaying of information to you.

Any weather related cancellations will be posted here at least 2 hours in advance, whenever possible.


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by: South Jersey Select Lacrosse